About Us


Ava and Trevor are a couple of typical teenagers involved in sports school and friends. Both are big fans of the hit TV show Shark Tank. They admired the entrepreneurs that not only had an idea but the motivation to pursue their dreams. In late 2018 they decided that they could find a problem to solve and the idea behind Squeaky Clean Feet was born.

Through a substantial amount of research, they found out two significant data points. 1. Most people do not do a thorough cleaning of their feet. 2. Some people can’t, do to medical reason or won’t due to the fear being off balance and causing an injury. What was lacking in the market was a product that was safe, comfortable and completely cleaned all areas of the foot.

They worked with several foot cleaner shoe designers to come up with a structure that not only performed its primary duty of cleaning but also was esthetically pleasing. They added additional functionality when they consulted with a licensed reflexologist. Here they introduced massaging mounds that are strategically placed on the product that have different shapes heights and textures to maximize the experience. Finally, they worked with many samples to come up with unique structures and surfaces to gently but effectively exfoliate your feet.

We have been extremely fortunate to have worked with so many great partners that helped protect the idea, world class designers, a manufacture that continually improved prototypes, and the list goes on.

We appreciate you visiting our website and we hope you get a chance to use the product we worked so hard to create.

Ava and Trevor