Foot Cleaner for Shower – SqueakyCleanFeet


This product is a complete foot cleaning brush that addresses the heel, soul, ankle, sides, top, and even between your toes.

It is so easy to use all you have to do is place your Squeaky foot cleaner brush on the tub or shower surface. Place your soap of choice in the soap well and the ankle cleaning scrubbers. Place one foot at a time and produce a back and forth motion and within moments your foot is clean and rejuvenated. For extra care leverage the exfoliation station. Once you are done simply remove the product from the surface with the easy pull ring, rinse, and hang to drip dry.

Squeaky Clean Feet is like having a foot spa any time you like. Get yours today!

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  • Antonietta O’Toole - Our Valuable Customer
    I loved how comfortable the bristle are. I am able to use my favorite soft soap to quick and easily clean my feet. They feel completely refreshed
    Antonietta O’Toole
  • Jonathan Barlow - Our Valuable Customer
    I originally used Squeaky clean to make cleaning my feet easier, and it does this incredibly well. What I didn’t expect was the added benefit of having massaging mounds that help relieve pressure to all areas of your feet. It feels amazing!
    Jonathan Barlow.
  • Kelly Lewis - Our Valuable Customer
    My feet have never been smoother. The exfoliation areas gently removed any flaky skin in a matter of moments.
    Kelly Lewis

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